Visit Antwerp



Antwerp is where all the key elements of the international diamond industry are concentrated.

Contained essentially within three streets and a cluster of strategic buildings, the Antwerp diamond market offers a compact, safe and extremely professional environment to diamond buyers and traders from around the world. During working hours, the Diamond Office, Bourses, other diamond buildings, the AWDC, the banks, shipping companies, laboratories and other services are easily accessible facilitating hyper-efficient business and networking.

After business hours and for those with some extra time to relax and re-boot, the well-known world-class culinary skills of Antwerp chefs and restaurateurs are available in some of the best eating venues in Europe. The highest quality, range and creativity in cuisine at affordable prices with fabulous wine cellars, await gourmets and enthusiasts.

A lively, electric port city, Antwerp has streets of art galleries and antique shops, a historic city-center with 15th, 16th and 17th century buildings, including the stunning Cathedral of Our Lady, an internationally recognized fashion and design hub on the river-side right-bank and fast, easy rail links from the magnificent Central Station to London, Paris, Amsterdam, making Antwerp an absolute gem of a city to visit. Accommodation is catered for by big brand hotels along with award-winning boutique hotels.

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